Restorative Aide – A New Career Path for CNAs


Restorative Aide – A New Career Path for CNAs

Recently, we’ve focused a lot on boosting your career options by improving or increasing your skills. Today I’m going to focus on a more specialized field that’s in hot demand.

Many people come to We Care Online to start a career in a nursing home or long term care setting. One of the most common starting points is to train as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). While that’s a great way to begin a career, there is a lot more you can do once you have your certification. A popular option right now is Restorative Aide training. Restorative Aides (RA) are specialized workers that not only perform the duties of a CNA, but also assist patients with physical therapy and restorative care. RAs are particularly helpful in home care settings, or with individuals who need short term theraputic assistance after an injury or surgery. RA is a very flexible job description and covers everything from in-home care to facility-based therapies.

We Care Online’s Restorative Aide training is available in all states and courses start monthly.  It’s a very affordable way to pick up a whole new skillset and make yourself an even more valuable employee. If you’re already a CNA and want to take the next step in your career, this is a fantastic place to start. If you’re not a CNA, we can help with that, too. Check our website to find CNA training in your area!

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