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The month of September celebrates national recovery month. For those who are in recovery or perhaps you are supporting someone who is, it is important to recognize the significance of this milestone. For others who may still struggle with addiction, it is not too late to make a step in the right direction. Do you […]
Entering a hospital can be confusing, overwhelming or even scary, for any visitor. Whether you are the patient or are visiting someone there, navigating your way through a hospital stay can bring added pressure and confusion. Here are a few pointers to help you prepare for a hospital stay or when visiting a loved one: […]
The month of September is suicide prevention month across the United States, with hopes of raising awareness, shifting perspectives and sharing information. The most recent statistics from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reveal that suicide is the 12th leading cause of death with over 45,000 Americans dying by suicide in 2020 and nearly 1.2 […]
August 23 through August 29, 2022 is dedicated to recognizing health unit coordinators. Help us celebrate and recognize health unit coordinators this week! Whether you are a health unit coordinator, know someone who is, or are thinking of becoming one, next week can be the opportune time to demonstrate the importance of their work in […]
Throughout our day, many things can take our attention and cause us to focus on them. These can be known as distractions. Some distractions are subtle such as a noise, or someone moving around, or perhaps a good food smell. Other areas of focus can be more substantial, such as studying for an exam, having […]
Chances are you have been in a position at least once to receive or provide comfort by another person. Whether you have been through a difficult time or someone you know has, providing comfort is a necessary action to support and help someone through their difficulty. Here are 8 ways you can provide comfort to […]
The summer months are favorites for many people because of the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, specifically in the water. However, with swimming, comes certain precautions to avoid accidents and keep everyone safe. Whether you are an expert swimmer or do not yet know how to swim, following swimming safety tips are necessary for […]
Continuing our look at career options for students of our classes, we’re taking a closer look at the Medication Aide class this week. Medication Aide is one of our only classes that requires any previous training. Students must already be a licensed Certified Nurse Aide/Assistant before starting the Medication Aide class. The class is currently available in Kansas , South Dakota, Montana and other states. […]
In any career path and throughout one’s life, it is important to set goals for growth. In your work life, professional development means advancing your skills and abilities. Professional development can help to keep you motivated at your current job and provide you with overall satisfaction to achieve new things within your position or beyond. […]
This is the first of an ongoing series that explores the career options for students of our classes. To begin, we’ll take a closer look at the Activity Director class. Activity Directors are the people who plan group and solo activities for residents of nursing homes and long term care facilities. State licensing requirements for nursing homes […]
Think about the last time someone said something encouraging to you. What was it about and how did it make you feel? Have you considered that you have the power to give encouragement back to those around you? Everyone appreciates and needs an encouraging voice in their life to help them through tough time and […]
Set a budget. If you don’t already have a budget, getting one in place is the first step toward establishing some savings. There are many free tools and resources available on the internet to assist you. Make a savings goal. Having a goal in mind will keep you on track for putting aside your money […]

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