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Do you thrive in an environment that is changing? Do you possess the ability to handle multiple tasks and take on demands thrown at you? Does working in a health unit and coordinating their workflow interest you? If you are looking for a career with some of these skills, then a Health Unit Coordinator may […]
Do you enjoy planning events? Are you organized? Can you follow and explain directions to others? Do you enjoy working with other people? If any of these questions are a yes and they interest you, then our activity director program might be for you. An activity director position can be found in long term care […]
In honor of mental health awareness this month, we’re taking a look at anxiety. Most individuals have experienced some amount of anxiety in their lifetime. Whether you can identify with that, or perhaps know of someone who has, understanding anxiety is essential to raising awareness about mental health as a whole. Here is a short […]
  The advantages of online classes, such as speed, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, appeal to many, but it’s essential to recognize that they may not suit everyone’s learning style. If you find yourself unsure about whether online classes are a good fit for you, consider asking yourself the following questions: Do you have access to reliable […]
Adrienne Lambert, PharmD Adrienne Lambert has been deeply committed to the healthcare field for over three decades. Her journey in healthcare began in the early 90s when she started her career as an occupational therapist, specializing in hand therapy. However, her path took an unexpected turn when she met a physical therapy student during her […]
Having effective communication with your healthcare provider and team is a vital part of receiving the care you need and want. Communication can be a barrier if it is not properly utilized between you and your provider. Therefore it is important to make sure every time you communicate that it is an accurate representation of […]
With the summer months in full speed and the weather heating up, many are seeking refuge in the water. Pools, lakes and oceans are great escapes to beat the heat. Whether you are an expert swimmer or do not yet know how to swim, or perhaps are caring for children swimming, there are safety tips […]
The third Sunday in the month of June celebrates Father’s Day. This year, Father’s Day will be on Sunday June 18th, 2023. The role of a father can be fulfilled by an actual father, stepfather, grandfather, an uncle, the father to your children or even a mentor who impacted your life in this way. Father’s […]
Summer is here! And that means school is out and many professionals take time off of work or commitments to enjoy the season. The summer is a great time to spend with family and friends. Many people look for new activities to try while they have more free time. While summertime can also include vacation, […]
This time of year, the topic of burnout is popular among students and working professionals. The end of some school years is approaching, vacation is looming and the weather is warming up, which makes more people want to be spending time outdoors. Of course there are also additional actors that could be contributing to burnout […]
If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it might be time to start relaxing. After a long day, or week, or maybe a stressful event, finding time to relax is essential. Relaxation is important to help relieve any built-up stress in your body that you may or may not even know you have. Relaxing allows […]
Many of us set our alarms each morning with the intention of jumping out of bed right when it goes off and making the most of our day. For some, who are morning people, this is easier to accomplish. However, for others the mornings many include hitting the snooze button one or even several times […]

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