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Medication Assistant
Medication Assistant

Online Medication Assistant – Certified for Idaho 

Medication Assistant – Certified Program Description:

This course is designed to teach the safe administration of medication to health care workers.  Students are trained to give routine medications to patients in the Long Term Care setting.

We Care Online Instructors will work in close cooperation with the facility instructor. We Care Online Instructors will monitor the online didactic portion of the course while the facility instructor will teach the clinical portion. Student information and progress will be shared and discussed as needed.

The Medication Assistant course curriculum consists of 60 hours of didactic training, in addition to 40 hours of supervised clinical practicum. According to ID state regulations, a student must have a current CNA certification.


The WCO Medication Assistant Course is a comprehensive, online learning program that covers essential topics related to medication administration in long-term care facilities. The course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of medication administration, safety, and documentation. It follows the National Council of State Boards of Nursing model curriculum.

A medication assistant – certified can be invaluable to a long term care facility, as they administer medications to residents, as well as perform other non-medical care tasks. This is particularly helpful to nurses, as it enables them to perform other care-critical tasks.

Of course, with all the advantages medication assistants provide in a facility, they still do not offer the solution to all staffing-related issues. This is because medication assistants are only trained to do tasks like those mentioned above, and they cannot act as a replacement for nurses in general.

Medication assistants in the US  will earn on average $39,592 a year, that’s $16.86/hour. Some assistants will work a typical 9-to-5 work week, but most work evenings, overnight and weekends, as patients must take medication at all times of the day.

(See PayScale.com)

Email colleen@wecareonlineclasses.com or call 888-932-2501 ext 102 for more information.


Course Instructor: Kayla Neitzel, RN


Course Prerequisite: CNA

Facility information: Students are required to register through an LTC facility. Please notify our office for questions regarding the Medication Online Training.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This course requires a check off list to be signed by an RN at your facility. Please make sure you have that availability before registering for this course.


Yes, but you must do clinicals at a facility so we do recommend that you have a facility lined up before enrolling in the course.

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