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Health Unit Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Creating a resume to apply for your Health Unit Coordinator position can be a little tricky.  One of the important parts of the resume is listing what you can or have done as a Health Unit Coordinator.  
Get to know about the Roles, Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities of Health Unit Coordinator. Below is a generic list of the HUC’s Responsibilities and Duties that you might consider listing on your resume.

  • Transcribe and communicate health physician orders on time.
  • Manage unit communication to promptly answer telephones and activating paging system and unit mail.
  • Document and manage medical records as per policy.
  • Support physicians by transcribing orders and managing patient charts.

  • Incorporate vision, values, missions and critical goals into job performance.
  • Manage Hospital standards by engaging in health committees and in-services.
  • Precept new associates as assigned by department manager.
  • Prioritize work and manage multiple emergent demands by working independently.
  • Tabulate data log sheets, receive payment, make receipt and follow billing procedures.
  • Prioritize and transcribe written doctor’s order under RN supervision.
  • Manage patient medical records as per hospital and unit policy.
  • Develop and achieve unit goals on health, safety, cost and quality. 
  • Attain customer service excellence by satisfying customer needs.
  • Transcribe health physician order under RN’s directions.
  • Handle patient activities on and off nursing unit such facility transfers. 

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