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Activity Ideas from our Activity Director Class Students

We always like new ideas, right?  For those of you who are Activity Directors or work in an Activities department, here are some ideas directly from the students in our January Activities Director class.  Warning:  Don’t try everything the first week!

1.      Get a local pizza place to deliver once a month. Meet and socialize before dinner, then share pizza and dessert with residents. Play cards or other games afterwards. Ring toss was a popular suggestion.  (Lots of pizza places donate pizzas.  You just have to ask!)
2.      Outing for coffee and muffins.
3.      Let residents pick a local restaurant and then take them there.
4.      Country store – residents receive tickets for every activity they participate in for at least 20 minutes. At the “store” they can trade their tickets for items.  Items are handmade by residents, or donated by local shops and craftspeople.
5.      Play “game show” video games – Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right.
6.      Bowling with a home kit set up in the facility hallway.
7.      Have volunteers come in and read to residents, or play audio books in a common room so residents can share and discuss the book.
8.      Memory games. “The What’s Missing game.  I gather several items i.e. (toothbrush, comb, Kleenex, soap dish etc.) cover items with a towel, remove an item and ask them what I removed. Sometimes I can only put three items down and I have them repeat the items.  It is fun to see them progress from three items to five items.  I use different items all in the same grouping.  office supplies, food items like crackers, salt, pepper, coffee cup, sugar, creamer.  Unlimited fun! And it doesn’t cost anything!”
9.      Pet visits.
10.  Singing/dancing. Karaoke.
11.  Arts and crafts – projects that residents can display in their rooms or common rooms, and that add a festive or seasonal touch to the facility.
12.  Team up with a local school and let elementary school students “adopt” residents – visit and write letters.
13.  “Annually we sponsor the Olympiad, inviting seven other facilities to participate at our facility.  This is a great day; events include basketball throw, spelling bee, horse shoe toss, nail pounding, bean bag toss, etc.  It is an all day event and some facilities travel for over an hour to get here. “
14.  Blowing bubbles.
15.  Manicures or other day-spa activities.
16.  Cooking and baking with a group (more fun if residents can share family recipes).
17.  Theme night dinners.
18.  Costumed performances by residents and their families – talent shows.
19.  “My second favorite game that I like to play is word searches. I found a website that allows you to create your own word searches and I personalize the game for each resident using their names, family members, hometown, hobbies, etc.”
20.  Wii games.

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