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You’re a CNA, Now What?

Americans are living longer than any previous generation and the need for long-term and nursing care is growing by leaps and bounds. This is the perfect time to enter a health care career, and achieving Certified Nurse Aide (Assistant) certification is a great start. We’ve had thousands of students in our Nurse Aide classes. If you really want a competitive edge in the jobs marketplace, though, your best bet is to broaden your skills and make yourself even more appealing to an employer. Many students use the CNA class as a stepping stone to Registered Nurse training, but there are several other options for additional skills.

So, where do you go from CNA?

One good starting point is to train as a Restorative Aide. RAs assist with physical, occupational and speech therapy under the supervision of a specialist. RAs work with individuals recovering from injuries or operations, and are not limited to elder care. Jobs are available in facilities and with outside agencies, so having RA skills can be a great option for people who like to work in a variety of settings. Our Restorative Aide class is offered every month and involves 32 hours of coursework. It’s a two week course and it can mean an extra $0.50 an hour (or more!) in your paycheck, according to payscale.com.

Another great option is to train as a Home Health Aide. Not only will this make you more employable, it will greatly increase your employment options. While CNAs generally work in long term care facilities, a CNA with HHA training can work with a Home Health Care agency and have the opportunity to work with clients in their own homes. The current trend is to keep elders in their homes with assisted care rather than moving them into facilities, so demand for qualified Home Health Aides is growing rapidly. As a Home Health Aide, you will help people live comfortably and with dignity in their own homes. HHA is the perfect option for working parents, or people who need flexible hours since you can sometimes schedule home visits around your other commitments. Our Home Health Aide class involves 20 hours of coursework, and is offered quarterly. Is it worth 20-32 hours of your time to boost your earning potential?

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