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Working Women’s Wardrobe Guide

Understanding the rules and etiquette that applies to business attire can be the difference between success in a job interview or job placement and failure. Women’s business attire should be understated, good quality, body-appropriate and comfortable. Tight-fitting, translucent, bright and worn-looking clothes are not acceptable business attire and will translate badly in a business environment.

Suits for all Seasons

Suits are the staple of proper business attire. The Pasadena Independent School District business etiquette website states that for women, wool suits are the best choice in winter, fall and spring. Summer suits can be made from cotton or linen. Proper fitting is essential for business attire, so suits should be professionally fitted, if possible–this will give the most professional look to business attire and will also provide optimum comfort. Avoid tight suits, bright colors and bold patterns that may be too distracting–black, gray, navy, taupe, dark green and burgundy are colors that work in a business environment. Pinstripe and, to a lesser degree, houndstooth patterns are acceptable.

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