When You’re Visiting A Loved One In A Nursing Home

When You’re Visiting A Loved One In A Nursing Home

When you have a loved one living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it’s important to visit as often as you reasonably can. The stress of moving to a new environment often compounds medical problems and can make recovery more difficult. Staying active and socially engaged is an important part of healthy living, and you can help your loved one stay positive when you visit.

  • Nursing homes typically have visitation schedules that you should be aware of as you plan your visit. Dropping by unannounced can be a stressor instead of providing the comfort and pleasure you intended.
  • You should not visit when you have a cold, flu, or other virus, as other residents may have immune deficiencies which make them more susceptible to illness.
  • Call ahead to find out if your loved one is in need of any personal items, clothing, or other necessities. Ask what time of day would be best to avoid mealtimes and medication times.

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