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WeCareOnline July Staff Highlight – Julia Roland

This month we get to meet Julia Roland.
Julia has worked in the healthcare field for 5 years. Having a degree in English, she entered the health care field working as a writer/editor for a senior continuous care community. Working around seniors inspired her to go back to school to become an Registered Nurse. She continued to work as a freelance writer while enrolled full-time in school. She completed her BSN from Baylor University in 2014 and worked on a stroke telemetry floor at a local hospital for a year. Currently Julia works as Registered Nurse Case Manager for a local Hospice company.

Julia is married with 2 children and lives in a suburban community in Texas. She enjoys yoga, reading, cooking, volunteering in her community, and spending time with her family.

With her experience in the heath care field, Julia believes that healthcare is often about treating the family not just the patient. Helping and educating families is an integral part of helping patients achieve optimal wellness. She loves that her role in hospice nursing includes this on a day to day basis.

Julia has worked on a contract basis for WeCareOnline for the last 3 years. She coordinates the Facebook posts and organizes the WeCareOnline blog and monthly newsletter. She loves being a part of a company that has made such an impact in helping students launch their healthcare careers.

The biggest change she has seen in the health care industry has been the role of the nurse. Nurses have so many options open to them that have developed over the last few decades. Nursing research is a relatively new field that Julia is interested in pursuing. Other disciplines have so much more research available compared to nursing, and nurses are really at the cutting edge of adding to their field with research on just about any topic of patient care.

On Julia’s desk the one item that would be noticed without fail is that there is no space. Julia says (smiling) that she has packed her desk with “organized chaos.” From kids schedules and information from their schools, to Julia’s dual career as a freelance writer and an RN, to her constant love of reading just about everything, every inch of Julia’s desk is covered. I need a central place to organize all that I am doing. It’s packed, but I know where everything is,” Julia says.

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