We Care Online February Staff Highlight – Bonnie Henningson


We Care Online February Staff Highlight – Bonnie Henningson

This month we get to learn about Bonnie Henningson. 

Bonnie has been in the healthcare field for over 30 years.  Bonnie was attracted to healthcare by working as a volunteer EMT.  Bonnie’s mother was also a nurse.  She originally advised Bonnie not to become a nurse letting Bonnie know that the work was hard and the pay was low. 

Bonnie did not heed her mother’s advice and has gone on to possess multiple credentials in the healthcare field!  Bonnie has a Gerontological Nurse Certification through ANCC, and has is still CPHQ certified (Certified Professional of Healthcare Quality).  She has been licensed as a nursing home administrator and has taught CPR and EMT classes.  Bonnie has a master’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis on health care administration.  She has been a member of NAHQ (National Association of Healthcare Quality), NGNA (National Gerontological Nurse’s Association) and NNSDO (National Nursing Staff Development Organization).  Bonnie serves on a committee to revise the scope and standards for Gerontological nursing.   She has developed and delivered training for staff development coordinators and charge nurses and has presented training at national and state conventions on topics such as pain management. If there were a piece of advice Bonnie wishes someone had given her when she began her career she wishes they would have told her to get her BSN as soon as possible!

Bonnie is married and the Henningson’s have one son and one granddaughter.  They do not have any pets due to her husband’s allergies. When Bonnie is not working she likes to read, do crossword puzzles, garden, bake, take walks, do yoga, travel to parks and historic sites, play cards and do hospice volunteering.

Everyone at WeCareOnline plays an important role in helping students have the best online learning experience possible. Bonnie teaches Nursing Assistant and Medication Assistant for several states. Over the years Bonnie has witnessed many changes in the healthcare field.  Bonnie states that “Healthcare is a science and we need to be sure to recognize that the current standard of practice WILL change – new studies and research often prove what we once learned to be erroneous and one must do lots of reading to keep up with the changes.”

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