Trends in At-Home Care


Trends in At-Home Care

While the majority of We Care Online students work in residential long-term care facilities (as Certified Nurse Aides, etc.), a growing number are choosing to work in the home health care field. The demand for in-home care is increasing, too, and with it, more people are paying attention to the unique issues that surround home care. One in particular is the issue of ensuring that home-care residents receive the same level of care as those in formal facilties, and that they receive the same protections from abuse and neglect. It’s not a pleasant topic, but a very important one. Residents in long-term and assisted care facilities have many protections in place, but the relatively new field of home health care is not currently held to the same standards. This past week, Minnesota senator Al Franken introduced a bill that “would require states to pass a Home Care Bill of Rights that protects consumer rights, safety and access to information.” It’s a first step in the effort to ensure that all people are granted the same protections when receiving care and assistance.

Later this week, we’ll take a closer look at the trends in home-health care. If you currently work as a Home Health Aide, or are considering a career in this field, check back here on Thursday for more on the subject!

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