Tips and Time Savers For CNA’s


Tips and Time Savers For CNA’s

So, you’re brand new and a little nervous? Thats ok and natural. Being a CNA is a rewarding career, but there are LOTS to learn and lots of cover in those first few days at work! Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious. Someday–soon- you will be an “old pro” at this stuff. The first part of this is for the new CNA…

The Basics
I remember my first few weeks as a CNA- it was hard to get to know all the residents as well as staff as well as the facility policies and procedures. I was very overwhelmed and looking back now- there were certain things I should have done that would have made my life much easier then! Live and learn….

First, it is a good idea to bring a little notebook to work with you. In here you can write down info you need about everything from phone numbers to resident issues. Jotting down info is a way to remember it! At periodic times during the day check the little book to see if there are things you still need info about. When you think of questions and no one is around to answer them- write them down. Later you can refer back to the book.

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