The single mom: Is she a modern day Wonder Woman?

The single mom: Is she a modern day Wonder Woman?

o-SINGLE-MOM-facebook Children brought up by single mothers are generally well-adjusted, with positive feelings about family life, a new study says.

The findings showed that children raised in both heterosexual two-parent families and single mother families had no significant differences in adjustment.

“Between the ages of 4 and 9, donor-conceived children in solo mother families generally seem to be doing well,” said Sophie Zadeh from University of Cambridge in Britain.

However, children raised by single mothers were found to raise questions about the absence of a father in their families.

On the other hand, most of such children reported high or very high levels of enjoyment at school and had at least one friend.

While, some expressed a desire for just trivial changes, others desired no change when asked about changing their family circumstances.

“Our study suggests that what matters most for children’s outcomes in solo mother families is not the absence of a father, nor donor conception, but the quality of parenting and positive parent-child relationships,” Zadeh added.

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