Seniors Tracking Health: There’s an App for That


Seniors Tracking Health: There’s an App for That

Medical tracking using the latest technology is growing stronger every day. We believe that your senior loved ones, while beginning to adopt technology, probably haven’t yet gotten familiar with some great technology apps that can help them track and improve their health and wellness.
Many of our seniors are using smartphones in a variety of platforms whether Android, iOS  or Windows 8. The platform they choose is not as important as making the most of the apps that are currently available, though the choice of platform will dictate the apps from which they can choose.
Research indicates that, even with the abundance of available health monitoring apps at our fingertips, our seniors (and even we ourselves) are still primarily using their heads or paper to track and trend their health data.
It has been estimated that about seven out of ten adults are tracking their health information such as weight, diet, symptoms, physical activity, or vital statistics including blood pressure, blood sugar and oxygenation for themselves or their senior loved ones. Instead of using technology, they are using only their heads.

Health Data You Can Track

  • Weight
  • Diet and food intake
  • Activity programs and time spent exercising
  • Blood pressure
  • Symptoms such as headaches
  • Sleep patterns
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