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Post Job Interview Strategy

Ever feel awkward about leaving your job interview and what to do next?  Here’s some good advice on how to leave your prospective employer with a good impression.

The way in which you follow up after a job interview can be as important to your job search success as the interview itself. After a job interview, it is critical that you make it known to your potential employer that you are enthusiastic about the job for which you interviewed and the company itself.

Leaving the Interview

Before you exit your interview, ask the interviewer what the typical protocol is for hiring–ask what the next steps are in the hiring process and when you might expect to hear from them. Also be sure to get a business card from every person you meet during the course of the interview process. You will need this contact information later on to complete your follow-up.
Thank You Note–Timing

Write a thank you note as soon as you can after your interview. Both email and regular mail are acceptable. If you choose to send an email, wait at least an hour or two before you send it–sending an email too soon after an interview (10 minutes later from your phone, for example) can make you appear somewhat desperate and your thanks will not come across as being completely genuine….Read more: Post Job Interview Strategy

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