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Are you still using the newspaper classifieds to find your next job? It seems like most people are turning to online sites for job listings, but with so many out there, where do you begin?

Job sites like careerbuilder.com and jobing.com can be a great resource, but they post listings from potentially thousands of employers a day, so it can be hard to separate the good from the bad. If you’re searching online, your best bet is to go directly to the web site of the company that’s hiring. Sometimes that’s a particular nursing home or assisted living facility and sometimes it’s a web site for a corporation that owns several types of health care facilities. If you don’t know the web address of the company, you can type their name into any search engine and find the site quickly. It’s not a foolproof method, but it’ll help you limit your searches to local companies.

Where I live, most of the assisted living facilities hang banners outside their buildings when they have a job opening. In the past week, I’ve seen at least three different homes seeking CNAs and Restorative Aides. In this case, it’s worth the effort to dress up a little and drop off your resume in person. If possible, call ahead and ask to speak with the hiring manager. That way you can meet the person responsible for hiring and not just leave your resume with a receptionist. It’s even better if you can bring a cover letter to accompany your resume. That way the hiring manager will know you’re serious about wanting a job, and you’ll help your resume stand out from the crowd. This cover letter is for a Registered Nurse, but it’s a good guide you can use for your own letter. http://media.newjobs.com/mm/usen/content/pdf/cover-letter-nurse.pdf. If you need tips on brusing up your resume, this site has a great list – http://articles.chicagotribune.com.

And don’t forget the We Care Online forum! It’s small, but growing, and is the perfect place to find current listings from companies and individuals who are seeking We Care Online students. 

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