How to get a job as a pharmacy tech


How to get a job as a pharmacy tech

There are several avenues job-seeking pharmacy technicians can take, including advanced certification programs for technicians who want to specialize in an area, such as drug therapy, pharmacy law or medical distribution. Johnston says students contemplating pharmacy school should consider part-time careers as technicians. “Before they commit to a six-year college education program, it’s always a great opportunity to get some experience and make sure that is a career path that you are interested [in],” he says. “And it also provides a great job while you’re in school, so you’re studying and learning that material in a practical setting as well.”

Interview Questions Submitted by Real Pharmacy Techs:


“Tell me about a time you had to take a leadership position.” (CVS Health)

“Tell us about a time when you had to explain something complex to a customer.” (UnitedHealth Group)

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