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How to Balance School and Work as an Adult

Many health care workers work while taking classes at community colleges to try to get ahead. For community college students, more than a quarter work greater than 35 hours weekly. Additionally, nearly one-quarter of college students have dependent children.

In some cases, the rigors of juggling work and school prove to be too much. Given the choice between income and education, and faced with fewer dollars to go around in terms of student loans, many students leave college before attaining a degree, choosing the immediate reward of a paycheck over the expected reward of a higher-paying job upon graduation.

For these nontraditional students, it’s imperative to strategize about how to balance work and school. Using the tips outlined below, you can do both, without either one suffering.

1. Take assignments with you. While I advocate for keeping work and school separate, I do think you can fit in your schoolwork at other times during the day. For instance, if you’re sitting at your daughter’s soccer practice or folding laundry, use the time to study.

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