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Decrease Stress: Eating Healthy at Home

Stressed people tend to gain weight because they more often eat fast food, or go out to eat.

This is understandable. After a busy day running around, you may not have time to come home and cook something from scratch. But healthy eating at home can help you stave off extra pounds when stressed. Meals you make are usually much better for you. (They’re healthier than fast food, and usually the portions are smaller and lower in fat than what you find in a restaurant.) Cooking at home can save you money, too, which may indirectly decrease your stress level by putting you under less financial strain.

It may seem like a daunting task to come home and cook something healthy or new after a long day, but it’s easier than you may think. Here are some quick and simple guidelines to help you eat more healthy meals at home:

  • Plan Ahead: An important first step in a healthy eating plan is to go grocery shopping once a week, and plan the week’s meals when you do it. That way, you’ll already have all the ingredients you need, and there’ll be no stress in deciding what to eat each night; it’s already planned!  Here are some ideas to keep in mind while grocery shopping, and here are some great recipes and ideas.
  • Keep It Simple, Silly: You don’t need to cook a four-course meal. Often, what’s healthy is also what’s easy. (Think about it: a salad is easier to throw together than fried chicken; grilled chicken takes less work than lasagna.) Just try to have a nice balance of protein, fruits, vegetables, and not too many fats or carbs. Here are some quick and healthy meal planning ideas.  And here are some great principles to keep in mind, including using salad as a base, and starting with a can of soup and embellishing.

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