Coping with Personalities that “Don’t get along well with others.”


Coping with Personalities that “Don’t get along well with others.”

Most people get along with others. There might be the odd bit of friction between a person or two, but for the most part, most people get along.

There is a subgroup of people however, that don’t seem to get along with almost anyone. These persons tend to project blame onto others for their conflict and may also cause others to feel guilty for not meeting expectations in the relationship. Further, some of these people while feigning interest in others, are really only interested in meeting their own needs.

These people can be manipulative, self-serving and very distressing to others. If they themselves are distressed, it is only due to the reaction of others, or for others not attending to their demands. They tend not to be distressed about their own behavior. In fact, when confronted on their own behavior, they are quite unable to see a problem with themselves and treat the confrontation as a serious attack.

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