Appetite Stimulants for the Elderly


Appetite Stimulants for the Elderly

Older adults sometimes experience a loss of appetite that may adversely affect their health. Even foods they once loved no longer seem appealing. Caregivers of seniors with this problem will certainly want to explore ways to stimulate their loved ones’ appetites and get them eating again.

Causes of Loss of Appetite

There are several causes for loss of appetite in the elderly. One may be a poorer sense of taste due to a diminishing number of taste buds as we age. Our sense of smell also diminishes, and with it, potentially, our enjoyment of food.
Disinterest in food also can be caused by physical or cognitive maladies. Those with multiple medical conditions may be particularly vulnerable to poor appetite. If they are taking medications, they may experience loss of appetite as a side effect.

Weight Loss in Elderly

Loss of appetite can lead to substantial weight loss, which is a major health concern.
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