6 Tips for the Perfect Nursing Shoe


6 Tips for the Perfect Nursing Shoe

Sometimes I (Marijke Durning) get asked advice from new nurses who want to learn something they might not have been taught in nursing school.  One of the first things I always say is: Don’t buy cheap shoes! I know from experience the damage that cheap shoes can do to your feet.

Nursing is hard on many parts of the body, most of all our back and feet. The back is the obvious body part to care for but the feet often get neglected. And, because the body is so connected, bad shoes don’t only affect your feet but they end up affecting your hips and your back as well.

So, how do you go about buying good shoes? The first thing we have to realize is that a good pair of nursing shoes for me is not necessarily a good pair for you. How many times have you heard someone rave about how wonderful a brand of shoes is and when you try them you hate them?

Here are some tips on how to make sure your shoes fit you properly:

  • Measure your feet. We think we know what size we are, but even as adults, our feet can change in size. The change may be slight, but can make a big difference in shoe size and comfort.
  • Measure both feet. Everyone has slight size differences in their feet. Make sure you shop for the larger foot.
  • Measure your feet while standing and towards the end of the day. This way, if there is any swelling, this has been taking into account in your sizing. 

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