3 Steps to Avoiding Caregiver Burnout during the Holidays


3 Steps to Avoiding Caregiver Burnout during the Holidays

Being a caregiver for a loved one is often a selfless, thankless job. It can require extreme amounts of patience, determination and grace that many people do not have all of the time. During the holiday season, this difficult job can become even more arduous than usual.

An increase in unhealthy behavior like indulging in alcohol and a poor diet, or not getting enough sleep or exercise, can lower our defenses and magnify all of our experiences. Both the good ones and the bad ones can seem too big for us to control.

To avoid letting the holidays make the caregiving experience so hard that it burns you out, here are the steps that may help you get through this wonderful, yet emotionally and physically draining, period.

1) Know the signs of burnout
Caregivers may experience burnout at any time of the year, but the holidays can be particularly draining. If the caregiver is starting to feel apathetic, fatigued, has foggy thinking, or is dealing with emotional highs and lows, that person may be experiencing burnout. It is important to know the signs of being burned out so you can head it off at the pass before it takes over your psyche.

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