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12 Habits to Adopt to Create Immediate Growth

January may well be the month of good intentions for leaders everywhere. Whether it is going to the gym more, improving your sleep or perhaps a far fetch goal you have repeatedly stated on December 31 that has always dissipated by the end of January.
Instead of following a similar futile pattern for your focus in 2016, make this the year you are going to be more intentional about where you spend your time, your energy and your resources. Follow these 12 habits that successful leaders adopt to create explosive growth in their business:

1. Spend one third on the future
Spend 30 percent of your time on how your business will be in 1-2 years.
2. Pretend you are going on a sabbatical
Delegate away all of your responsibilities as though you were taking a three-month sabbatical. Now focus only on strategic long-term projects.
3. Tell your team the truth
Be honest with your direct team about their future potential and how you can develop them.

       4. Stop delaying changing out your team

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