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WeCareOnline December Staff Highlight – Melanie Fischer

This month we meet Melanie Fischer

Melanie has worked in healthcare for the past 21 years.  She originally needed a summer job when she was in high school and applied for a housekeeping position at Ellis Good Sam.  Melanie enjoyed the position, but wanted to do more to help the residents she served. Her love for helping others is what attracted her to healthcare and made the healthcare field a perfect fit.  Melanie is now an RN.

Melanie and her husband have been married for 16 years and have a farm in the Ellis area where they have cattle running about. Melanie and her husband have 4 beautiful children.  

When she is not working, Melanie likes spending time with her children.  Her boys are in 4-H and the entire family is very involved in the club. 4-H is the Fischer family’s biggest activity and involves all family members in raising and caring for the animals they show at the fair. The family has raised and shown different types of livestock.  They have raised and shown bucket calves, show pigs and flocks of show chickens and ducks.

Melanie’s advice to anyone seeking to enter healthcare is to have patience with those you work with, including residents and workers. Melanie’s mantra is to always put first those you are serving, and to put your own wants and needs last. Melanie believes in working as a team player no matter what personal conflicts you may have with another co-worker, and to always show respect for those you work with and to be professional when you are working.

Everyone at WeCareOnline plays an important role in helping students have the best online learning experience possible. Melanie answers phone calls that come into her office for all CNA and CMA questions. She also assists in the set up process for classes; helping the clinical instructors in the set up process.  She helps students to enroll in classes, and provides support and assistance to advertise upcoming classes. While Melanie supports WCO mission in numerous ways, she views her most important role at WCO is the work she does educating the students in the classroom, monitoring grades, and answering emails from students/instructors or individuals interested in the WCO program.

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