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Spring Celebrations for your Facility

flickr photo by tiaragwin

With Easter right around the corner, stores are full of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, and Spring is in the air. This is also a very special time for both Christians and Jewish members of the community. To bring some of the holiday spirit to your residents, I’ve included a couple of links to festive activities.

First off, Easter Story Cookies. The link includes the recipe and a list of bible passages that accompany each ingredient in the cookies. This is directed at children, but can easily be changed into a devotional exercise / bible study for your adult residents. Each step of the cookie mixing gives you a chance to read a bible passage and reflect upon its meaning. The cookies bake overnight and give you a fun Easter surprise in the morning!

flickr photo by Lawrence

Also significant is the the Jewish festival of Passover, which runs from April 6-14 this year. This is a time when members of the faith celebrate the liberation of Israelites from Egyptian slavery (as recorded in the Biblical book of Exodus). Passover is traditionally marked with a “Seder” dinner in which every part of the meal is linked to scripture and guides the participants in prayer and reflection. To learn more about Passover, visit chabad.org. For more about the Seder, see this link about the Passover feast: http://christianity.about.com/od/biblefeastsandholidays/p/passoverfeast.htm.

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