How to Ask for a Raise


How to Ask for a Raise

Unless you work in a government office with a fixed pay structure, chances are that you have room to negotiate with your salary. Many people complain about being overworked and underpaid, but how many of us take the time to do something about that? If you’re feeling stuck in a salary rut, here are some tips to help you.

First off, know when the time is right. You’ve heard the phrase “strike while the iron’s hot”? It applies very well to your career. If you’ve just wrapped up a big project, or pulled off a major accomplishment, that’s the perfect time to state your case. This article from US News tells you the best time to ask (and when not to ask!) for a raise.

If the timing’s right, take the next step.

1. Have courage
It’s a well-known fact that most women earn less than men in the workplace, but what many people don’t mention is that women are generally less likely to be assertive and ask for a raise. In other words, you have the power to bridge that salary gap! Focus on the value you bring to the position or your company, and be sure to present that information to your supervisor.

Several studies have shown that women hesitate to ask for raises, but if you want to get ahead in your career, you need to take charge.

2. Know what you’re worth
Do some research. Are you really as underpaid as you think? Take a few minutes to look at what other people in your field are earning so that you can have numbers to back up your salary request. Sites like and are a good starting point.

3. State your case
Do a little brainstorming. Make a list of all your accomplishments over the last week, month, or year. Focus on specific things that would matter to your boss or to the company. What sets you apart from everyone else in your division? You might always be on-time and never miss a day of work, but if you’re making a case for a raise, you’ll need to aim higher. What do you do that makes you unique and valuable? Can you name a specific time you went above and beyond your job description to help someone else? Have you taken any classes, or received training to help you be a better employee? What are you doing to demonstrate to your employer that you’re worth the extra investment?

Even if you’re not quite ready (or qualified) to ask for a raise, remember that you have the ability to get ready! Take the initiative and think of things you can do to stand out at work. Take a class or get some extra training (We Care Online can help!). A quick and inexpensive class like Spanish for Healthcare Providers is a perfect example of something you can do to boost your skills. It shows you’re willing to work hard to improve yourself and be more valuable to your employer. Plus it gives you new skills that you can carry to any job in the future.

Ready to get started? Check out this step-by-step guide about “How to ask for a raise“…and good luck! 

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