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Grieving: 8 Ways to get through the Holidays

Jersey Girl Jenna Rose Lowthert, 25, was inspired to write her book “Life Goes On..?” after her mother passed away on May 27, 2013, after a 10-month battle with stage four lung cancer.
Here, Lowthert shares tips on how to get through the holidays while grieving a lost loved one.

1. Start a new tradition.
This year marks the second Christmas without my mom. I made a promise to myself that each year I will buy a new ornament in memory of her. It will be like I never spend a Christmas without her.

2. Don’t avoid or cancel the holiday.
Although it is so hard and different without our lost loved ones here we must remember that they would still want us to continue on a happy life, not only around Christmas time, but all the time.

3. Have a good cry, let it all out.
If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like screaming, scream. Let it out. Don’t hold the pain and sadness in, talk to a friend about it.

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