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Best Jobs in Healthcare

Photo courtesy of Lower Columbia College

The healthcare industry continues to grow, and now is a great time to start or advance your career. Thanks to the popularity of home health care options and outpatient therapies, it’s now easier than ever to find a job that will fit your schedule and commute. Salary.com has a fresh review of the hottest jobs here: http://www.salary.com/hot-jobs-in-health-care/

The first four are all counseling-related, so if you have ever considered formal training for this, now is a good time to act on that. Medical assistants and physician’s assistants continue to be in demand, too. Two of the best jobs for salary and schedule flexibility are Pharmacy Technician and Home Care Aide, respectively. We Care Online offers comprehensive training in both. Home Health Aide is a 20 hour class which is available to Kansas residents. Our Pharmacy offerings start with the 45-hour Pharmacy Assistant class which is available everywhere and will prepare you for an entry level job in a pharmacy setting. The comprehensive Pharmacy Technician program is much more in-depth and even includes a working “externship” in a real pharmacy. This class will give you the skills you need to go from the online classroom to a career.

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