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AARP Finds Toll On Family Caregivers Is 'Huge'

A new study by the AARP estimates that for the more than 40 million Americans caring for an elderly or disabled loved one, the value of their work is $450 billion a year.

That’s a good deal for society. But for the family members doing the work, the study finds they need a lot more help.

Take Cymando Henley, 36, whose mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was starting college. She now must use a wheelchair, and Henley has been taking care of her for nearly two decades.

Henley does have help. Montgomery County, Maryland, where they live, and the MS Society pay for a combined 35 hours of home health aides each week — though that’s threatened by budget cuts.

But every day, Henley must help his mom in and out of bed and onto the toilet. He even rolls her over in the middle of the night if she becomes uncomfortable.

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