7 Steps to Getting Promoted


7 Steps to Getting Promoted

You have been in the same position for years. You love the company you work for, your commute is great and you even enjoy your co-workers. But more often than you care to think about, the all too common email from the boss, copied to everyone in the company, arrives in your in-box: “It is my pleasure to announce the well deserved promotion,” of your co-worker in the cubicle attached to yours.

“I come to work and stay to myself, I keep my head down and my mouth shut. Why do I keep getting overlooked and not promoted?” If you have found yourself saying – or even thinking these kinds of things…THAT’S WHY YOU ARE NOT GETTING PROMOTED!

Gone are the days that employees are “tapped on the shoulder” for promotion simply by showing up to work and not making waves. Employers want to see passion, leadership, a “what ever it takes” attitude and a solution-oriented team player poised for promotion. Today’s work environment requires employees to do more with less and often perform work that was previously accomplished by two or three employees, and they want to see the work accomplished without whining, complaining or having a fit.

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