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Workplace Respect

We all want respect.  Respect between one another makes any environment more enjoyable, more productive and less stressful.  But what exactly does it mean to have and to show respect at work or at school?  The dictionary defines respect as an act of giving particular attention to or a high or special regard of someone or something.  To you and me, respect is how we think about others and how we treat one another.  We often want others to respect us in a similar way.  Respect seems like something that should come naturally, not something we have to achieve.
two_women_arguing_at_work-2.s600x600-5VdQeK.jpg However, respect is not something that naturally occurs in the workplace.  We must make a conscious effort to promote respect.  There are a lot of things you and I can do to contribute respect in our workplace or learning environment.  Respect can include how you treat those around you, how you treat the company or place you work or learn at and how you show others how to treat you in return.  One of the first things you can do to show respect is not taking part in gossip.  Avoid talking about coworkers to other coworkers.  If you hear someone doing that, don’t be afraid to encourage them to change the subject.  An important way to show respect to your peers includes being polite and kind in your interactions with them.  Try listening to what others have to say before voicing your own opinion.
Another way to demonstrate respect to your peers and show respect for your employer is to focus on only work while at work.  If you ask yourself if you are on your own time or work time, this will help you to remember why you are there.  Avoid added distractions by leaving your phone in your desk and only checking it on breaks.  Be a positive light in your workplace and refrain from making negative comments about things.  Help make a difference today and promote respect!

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