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Technology and Patient Safety

In our current healthcare world, most patient information is stored in computer systems and accessed through various technology outlets.  Technology has allowed patient care to improve in the areas of provider communication, quality of patient care, efficiency, education and more.  Patient safety is also an area of patient care that has greatly improved with technology.  However, with the advancement of technology also comes risk in holding a patient’s data and health information.  Most healthcare providers have strict rules and guidelines they follow to ensure they are keeping their data safe and secure.  However, there are steps you can take as an individual to ensure you are doing your part in caring for your patient’s safety.  Here are a few simple tips to ensure you are keeping your technology systems secure:

  • Update your passwords frequently and as prompted by your data systems.
  • Choose strong passwords that are long and include things such as capital letters, numbers, special characters and lower-case letters.
  • Do not save your passwords. Especially near your desk or somewhere that they can be readily accessed.
  • Lock your computer screen when stepping away from your computer.
  • Do not open any emails that look suspicious and report them to your supervisor immediately.
  • Periodically delete your history and your cookies through your internet browser.
  • Make sure your protective software is up to date on your computer.
  • Do not download anything that is not sent from within your healthcare system network.

Following these tips and the guidelines of your organization will help to ensure you are keeping your healthcare system secure.

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