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Pros and Cons of Working at A Hospital

Last time we took a look at different jobs available in the hospital setting. Today we will look at the good and bad or better stated the pros and cons! Hospitals vary from state to state, town to town and company to company. However, there are some similarities among all hospitals when you work there.  Working at a hospital is different from a traditional clinical setting and therefore it is important to consider some of its features if you are considering a job there.   Here are a few major points regarding hospital work:

  • As most hospitals are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, many work shifts are different than a normal clinic setting. There are a lot of staff who work nights, weekends and holidays. Often, shift-work varies from week to week and can be inconsistent.
  • Hospitals often supply great benefits, including health, retirement and time off.
  • Working at a hospital is often a very stimulating work experience due to a changing workflow of patient needs. However, some areas of a hospital can be stressful to work at due to high patient volume and severity of patient needs, such as at the emergency department.
  • Often hospital jobs have competitive pay, as the area of healthcare is constantly growing, and jobs are in demand.
  • There are opportunities to grow and try new areas of healthcare within a hospital.
  • You are exposed to a wide range of healthcare and patient needs. This promotes an environment of learning and expanding your work experience.

It is important to work in an environment where you feel comfortable.  If you are considering working in a hospital for the first time, it may be worth your time to shadow someone.  Hospital work can be very rewarding and is an important aspect of the healthcare system.


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