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How About Some Spending Money For The Holidays?

You may win a check for your tuition from We Care Online!
Wouldn’t it be nice to sign up for a Nurse Aide course and get your money back?  We might just make that happen for you!  Beginning in December 2013, students registering for a Nurse Aide course will automatically be placed in a monthly drawing to win reimbursement of their course tuition. One student from Kansas and one student from South Dakota will win the drawing.
Yes, there are few rules that need to be met. But they are really simple rules.

  • The student must be enrolled in a CNA class in Kansas or a NA class in South Dakota.
  • The course must be PAID IN FULL.
  • The student must have a passing grade for the course.

You will only be entered in the drawing when ALL OF THE
And YES, facilities who register students could also be reimbursed.  Same rules apply.  
We are excited to start surprising some of our Nurse Aide students with this gift!  But remember, you can’t get reimbursed unless you register and pay for your course.
Check out our website for more information on this great opportunity! Click Here
We also still have our Hardship Grant available for a few of our courses.  You can apply by Clicking Here.

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