Health Unit Coordinator

Health Unit Coordinator Training and Certification

Health Unit Coordinator
Details: This Health Unit Coordinator course introduces the student to the health care facility environment and procedures. Students will become acquainted with their role in the health care setting, including recent changes with electronic medical record and computerized physician order entry, ethical and legal standards, customer relations, telephone and communication techniques, problem solving, medical terminology, basic human structure, diseases and disorders.

Designed to acquaint the student with patient’s medical record (paper or electronic) and doctor’s orders for treatments, medications, diagnostic tests and medical procedures. The information presented provides knowledge essential for the processing of physician orders.

Comment: We believe that health unit coordinating will be a profession that is attractive to the new wave of health care workers. A recent Health Care Advisory Board analysis of the number of inpatient beds needed to care for our aging population indicates that we will face a shortage of beds in the future. The analysis indicates that the need for beds is growing every year. These additional beds will increase the number of health unit coordinators needed in the workforce.

Certification Note: Upon successful completion of the program students may take the national certification exam administered by the National Association of Health Unit Clerks/Coordinators (NAHUC).

Expected income ranges from $11.57 – $20.00 per hour depending on location and the type of work you do. (See

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