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Checking in During Difficult Times

Whether you are a supervisor, teacher, employee, student or friend, checking in with others during difficult times is vital.
We all handle stress and pressures differently and it is important to recognize that about our peers.  Without asking how another person is doing, we cannot assume that we know.  Difficult times are when we all need more support.  Checking in with others could be out of our normalcy or could feel strange or produce some anxiety for us.  You do not have to know all the answers or how to react to what you may hear.  Checking in with someone can go a long way to helping them.
Some important things to remember about checking in during difficult times is first you should approach the conversation with an open door.  Do not put pressure on the other person about having the conversation, they may not be ready or willing to talk and that is okay.  Simply asking someone how they are doing can go a long way.  Without assuming you have the answers or know what the other person is going through, it is also okay to be transparent about that.  Being open and honest about what you do know and do not know can provide support to the other person.  Lastly, offering help or assistance in any way we can, may be just what they need.  Sometimes people are unable or unwilling to ask others for help.  We can offer support by asking how they need help, or what we can do to assist.  Checking in with others during difficult times shows we care and have compassion for other people.  Help spread the care by checking in with others today!
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