9 Ways to Trick Yourself to Start Exercising

9 Ways to Trick Yourself to Start Exercising

exercising We find it difficult to keep exercising consistently.

First of all, most people recognize the benefits of exercising.  Maybe you think, “I don’t have the time.” Or perhaps, “I don’t have enough energy,” or “I’m not motivated.” You’re not alone. People who avoid exercise often give these reasons.

The problem with these barriers is that they’re often difficult to change. In addition, if you have good intentions and believe you should exercise, how are you supposed to magically find the time? Or the energy, or motivation to get started?

Chances are, if you’re truly motivated to exercise, you’ll find the time and energy to make it happen. Motivation follows behavior, so finding a way to  start is the crucial step. Therefore, the fastest way to make this happen is to modify your physical and social environment. Finally, create a supportive context for exercise behavior.

But long-term adherence to an exercise program depends on motivation. Also we tend to be more intrinsically motivated to participate in activities that we do well. In addition, this allows us to experience a sense of personal control. Also this provides opportunities to build relationships with other people.

Following are nine examples of behavioral strategies you can use.

Use these to start and maintain consistency. Use these to develop that motivation to make exercise a part of your life.

  1. Don’t have enough time? Schedule it. We schedule other obligations like work meetings, classes, and dinners with friends. Use a free electronic calendar (like Google Calendar). Therefore, making a commitment is one of the best ways to stay consistent with any behavior.
  2. Create antecedents or cues to exercise.Sometimes we need a stimulus to get us going. One option is to sync your smartphone to an electronic calendar and set up email. Or  maybe you’d rather use text message reminders to exercise.Learn more from Original Article.

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