What is a Health Unit Coordinator?


What is a Health Unit Coordinator?

If you say you’re a Certified Nurse Aide or Restorative Aide, most people know what you’re talking about, but not so much if you’re a Health Unit Coordinator. This frequently overlooked position is one of the most in-demand jobs in health care today, and the field is only growing. What is a Health Unit Coordinator? The HUC is the person who keeps a nursing unit running, allowing others to do their specific jobs. The HUC is a jack of all trades and can do anything from answering phones and working a reception desk to transcribing doctor’s and nurse’s orders for patient care. As the name implies, the HUC coordinates the workflow in a health care unit. This can involve everything from ordering supplies, to processing paperwork, and handling admissions and discharges. HUCs are the link between doctors, nurses, and other service staff.  It is a position requiring strong clerical skills and an ability to juggle multiple tasks and demands. This article has more detail on the various skills and duties involved in being an HUC – http://www.mshealthcareers.com/careers/healthunitcoord.htm

The position requires patience and above-average communication skills. If you thrive in a busy environment and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from making sure things run smoothly, this could be the perfect job for you. Health Unit Coordinators do not need to be certified to fill an HUC role, but they do need specialized training. The Health Unit Coordinator is one of our most popular classes and can give you all the training you need to work as an HUC. NAHUC (http://www.nahuc.org) is the professional association for health unit coordinators. It’s mission is to promote health unit coordinating as a profession through education and certification. You do not need to be certified to be a member, and you do not need to be a member to be certified. Both the membership and certification can help your career though, so certification is recommended.

Salaries for HUC vary by area, but those in large cities can expect $30-$35,000 a year, and smaller areas are generally $25-$30,000 annually. An overview of average salaries by city can be found here. HUC is also a great stepping stone to a nursing career. It will give you an insider’s view of how a unit runs, and give you experience that can help in any other health care job.

See our Health Unit Coordinator Course information HERE.

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