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Why Should I Practice Self-Care?

In honor of national wellness month, we are taking a look at how important it is that we care for ourselves.  Self-care involves your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.  Self-care is taking deliberate time for yourself to relax, recharge, unwind and have some fun.  Self-care is important because it is how we recharge ourselves after we have become depleted.  It helps us stay healthy and happy and prepare us for the challenges we face in life.  Self-care is also necessary to maintaining confidence in oneself through boosting positive feelings.  In order to maintain healthy relationships, one must first have a healthy self.  Self-care is a vital part of any relationship because in order to pour into someone else’s life, we must first be filled up ourselves.  It is therefore necessary to set aside time for yourself and your health needs.  Self-care can be challenging for many people because it is not something we are often taught.  It can also be individualized to each person and who they are and what their needs are.  Self-care can also be difficult to maintain if it is not a priority or adapted as part of your routine.  Some examples of self-care activities are taking a vacation day, getting regular exercise, playing a sport, eating healthy, going for a walk on your lunch break, and reading a book.  How do you practice self-care? And how can you promote self-care in others around you?

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