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What Are Your Work Values?

What Are Your Work Values?

Whether you are working a temporary position, or are between jobs or maybe you are well-established in your area of work, have you thought about your work values lately? Your work values can influence not only the type of job you have, but how you view and succeed in your work. Your work values can include your beliefs and ideas that are an important part of yourself. Knowing what your work values are, can also help you find the perfect position for yourself. Work values can also change and grow over time as you discover more about yourself and what is important to you. If you haven’t taken a look at your values recently, here is a short list of some work values to consider:

• Helping others
• Accountability
• Trust in your work/workplace
• Having achievement
• Support
• Honesty and integrity
• Having the opportunity to grow and learn
• Job security
• Flexibility
• Promotion

Looking at a list of work values can help you determine where your priorities lie and to then line up your work with what you value. Having a job where you value your work can lead you down a path of fulfillment and joy in your work. Knowing your values can also help you work harder in those areas for success. As a part of personal growth and job growth, taking the time to evaluate your work values can be of great benefit.

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