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Ways to Spread Love

February is hallmarked as the month of love.  Whether you are celebrating the season with a loved one or not, expressing love is an important action to be mindful of.  Love is more than a feeling, it is an action.  Love can be shown to the obvious such as family, friends, and neighbors, but it can also be a response to a person or situation that is challenging.  Often, the best medicine for dealing with a tough person or situation is responding in love.  Love can mean opening your heart to someone.  Love does not have to be a drastic gesture, it can be a simple act of kindness.  Showing someone love can mend relationships and can feel liberating to you.  Here is a list of some ideas to start spreading love this month.

  • Give a compliment
  • Bring someone a cup of coffee
  • Listen to someone carefully without interrupting
  • Give a hug
  • Make a meal and try giving it to someone unexpectedly
  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn or pickup their yard
  • Buy a stranger a meal
  • Write a thank you note
  • Leave an extra amount for tip at a restaurant
  • Let someone checkout ahead of you at the store
  • Smile at a stranger and say hello to them
  • Donate items to someone in need
  • Gift a gift just because
  • Hold the door open
  • Spend time with someone who is sick
  • Tell someone you appreciate them
  • Laugh with a friend
  • Do an unexpected chore

Try one or a few of these ideas to spread love today!  Source:

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