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Vacation Time!

Summer is here and that means schools are out, schedules shift, and people spend more time enjoying barbecues, swimming, gazing at starry nights, blowing bubbles and playing games. Lets face it, by the time summer arrives most of us are dangerously approaching burnout!  For many people, this season of the year often includes vacation time for good reason.  Taking a vacation is time set apart from ones occupation.  This can include travel, or for celebration of a holiday or special occasion, or simply time spent with family and/or friends.  As Americans, we live in a culture focused on work and productivity and less on vacation.  Some of us feel guilty for taking a vacation or believe we cannot afford to take one. A vacation can be any amount of days and can be tailored to your budget.  We are given vacation time to be able to use it, it may just take some creativity!  Here are 5 convincing statements for why you should take a vacation: summerlaptop-yWbt5p.jpg

  1. You feel less stressed after a vacation. Rest and relaxation can improve your overall health.
  2. A vacation allows you to take time to focus on other areas of your life, which often get ignored in the bustle of everyday life.
  3. You can get connected with family and/or friends.
  4. A vacation can provide you with the opportunity to see something new, and have an adventure!
  5. Try having some fun and do something you enjoy!

The great thing about taking a vacation is planning out what you want to do and understanding how you relax best.  Start by asking yourself what your summer dreams or goals are?  Is there a trip you have wanted to go on?  Or maybe take a long weekend to relax? Now is the time to try a vacation!  If you need helping getting a jumpstart on some vacation ideas, check out this link: https://travel.usnews.com/gallery/last-minute-vacation-ideas-in-every-state

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