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Transparency in The Workplace

In today’s business world and economy, there can be a lot of job movement.  Whether you are looking for a new job, currently employed or maybe looking to hire new employees, transparency is something to consider.  Both as an employer and as an employee it is important to consider some of the attributes that connect you with a certain job or company.  Transparency is important because it helps build trust between an employee and their employer and between employees.  Trust is often a factor that keeps employees hanging on to jobs longer.  Trust provides safety and security to an employee.  Having transparency also lays out clear expectations amongst staff and creates an environment for open communication.  Beyond employer relationships, transparency can flow between staff and customers or staff and patients.  Transparency can be difficult to first initiate as some environments are not accustomed to open conversations or sharing certain knowledge.  However, in the long run it can promote a healthy workplace environment and potentially increase productivity.
Some tips to promoting transparency in your environment:

  1. Encourage questions. Create an environment that welcomes questions and supports everyone learning from the questions.
  2. Give opportunities for others to ask questions in a private setting, such as submitting them anonymously.
  3. Create an environment of open communication between all parties involved.
  4. Lead by example and demonstrate transparency.
  5. Take a survey of how others value transparency. This will teach you a lot about your peers and how they perceive transparency.

Check out the source below for additional tips and information about transparency in the workplace: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeannemeister/2015/02/10/five-strategies-for-building-transparency-in-the-workplace/#1ec7cd373d8e

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