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Tips To Creating A Pros And Cons List

A pros and cons list is a decision making tool that can be used to look at both sides of an argument.  It can be beneficial to utilize a pros and cons list when making a difficult decision, or one that has many layers.  A list of the good and bad can help you weigh your options and see the bigger picture of your decision.  It can also help you evaluate the advantages to your decision as well as any possible setbacks.  You can then use the list to help you navigate through the success of your decision.  A pros and cons list can be a great visual aid to looking at your decision in a different way.
The pros side of the list are the positive outcomes of the decision, while the cons are the possible negative outcomes.  A pros and cons list can be easily completed by simply dividing a piece of paper in half and putting pros on one side and cons on the other.  Then think through your decision at hand and what the positives and negatives could be.  Brainstorm all of the potential risks and advantages at hand.  You can even consider third party contributors such as how your decision could affect something else.  Once all of your pros and cons are listed on your paper, you can evaluate them to make a decision. Some may make a decision based on which side has more. Others may looks at the importance of the categories and their weight in the decision.  Depending on the significance or complexity of your decision, a pros and cons list can be short or extensive.  A pros and cons list is a great tool to helping you make an informed decision.

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