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Tips for Memorizing New Information

Whether you are preparing to memorize information for a class or an exam or a new job, new information can be challenging to learn.  For some people, reading information and studying comes easier.  For others, tricks and techniques need to be used to recall information quickly.  Learning new information can be a skill that is practiced and improved upon over time.  Here are some general tips that you can start to help you memorize any new type of information.

  • Connect new memories with old information. You already know the old stuff, so connecting the new information to it, can make it easier for you to remember.  Try associating the new information with the old, such as taking the first letter of each word and creating an acronym.
  • Write out new information/take notes. Memorizing new information can be easier if you write it out and then repeat.  Taking notes on your notes can also be effective.
  • Summarize large amounts of information. After you have read or spent time looking at a large amount of new information, practice summarizing it.  This will teach you to focus on the important information and will help you remember it in the long term.
  • Get sleep. Sleep is important to retaining and recalling new information.  Being sleep deprived does not put you at the top of your performance and can impact your ability to memorize new information.
  • Take breaks. Study breaks are important.  Don’t try to cram everything into one sitting.

In general, it can be easier to recall new information when you enjoy the subject or information you are studying.  Be creative in finding a passion for your new information!  Try one or all of these tips to help improve your memory of new information today.  Click here for the source and more information on remembering new information:

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