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The Importance of Workplace Attendance

The Importance of Workplace Attendance

Time off that is unplanned is inevitable for many people because of sickness, loss of a loved one, mental health needs and more.  Many employers provide good benefits of taking time off throughout the year to help support these causes.  However, in many workplaces, employee attendance has proven to be a big challenge and a cause for disciplinary action and discharge.  Lack of proper policies, consistency among supervisors, poor health, workplace stress, problems in the workplace and more, can cause employees to have an increase in calling out sick to work.  Whether you are an employee or a manager, knowing how team members absences can impact you and the team and how you can promote a positive workplace that team members want to come to each day, is important.
How do absences at work impact the team?

  • Decreases morale of employees
  • Takes time of the supervisors and/or HR to deal with
  • Can cost employers overtime
  • Causes other employees to take on more work
  • Impacts the company’s bottom line
  • Increase stress level of the team

Tips for promoting workplace attendance

  • Take proper planned time off throughout the year
  • Establish attendance requirements
  • Reward consistent employers with additional time off
  • Establish a healthy working environment
  • Provide proper training on HR policies
  • Supply counseling support or services
  • Create a positive work environment
  • Explore workplace flexibility
  • Get feedback from the team
  • Listen to your employees more

The ideal workplace supports an environment where all employees want to come to work each day.  You can help foster a positive work environment and promote attendance for yourself and/or the employees you supervise.

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