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Reading literature and text books are a common practice in school.  What is often not taught by teachers is how exactly to understand the information you are reading and to keep up with this skill throughout the years.  Also known as reading comprehension, understanding written text both the wording and the meaning, requires parts of your brain to work together.  This is often not a natural skill, but rather it is one that takes learning and practice.  Whether you are a student or a professional, reading is an important skill to have.  Knowing how to read and comprehend the information can allow you to enjoy what you are reading.  The reason for this is because you can understand the meaning behind the text.  Having good reading comprehension skills can also speed up your reading and make what you read sink in.  First, let us take a look at some ways that reading comprehension can be applied to daily life:

  • reading textbooks and other assignments in school
  • performing well on exams
  • reading news reports and social media
  • communicating through emails and other written communication
  • reading books for fun

Reading is a life skill that can help you in many areas of school, work and beyond.  The good news is that reading comprehension can get better through practice.  If reading comprehension was never learned properly or maybe forgotten over the years, it is not too late to brush up on your skills and make your reading efficient and effective.  Next, we will take a look at specific ways to improve your reading comprehension.
Source:  https://blog.prepscholar.com/how-to-improve-reading-comprehension

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