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Relationship Qualities

Think about how boring life would be if each person was the same. That would mean that then
all relationships would be the same too. Thankfully, all relationships are different because they
are composed of individuals who are unique. Relationships can be between friends, a spouse, ahealthy-relationships-xw40gI.jpg
family member, a significant other, a coworker, a classmate, acquaintances, and more. As an
individual, we can bring different qualities to each relationship we are a part of. Some qualities
can be innate, and others can be obtained over time. There are qualities we may admire in
others and some that we don’t like. This can also be true about our own relationship qualities.
There can be qualities that we would like to change or turn from a weakness into a strength.
Some qualities can be brought out by certain personalities and we can have some qualities in
one relationship that are not present in another. In any relationship it is important to take time
periodically to reflect on our qualities and set goals for ongoing success. Here are some
questions for thought and personal reflection regarding relationships:

  •  What qualities do I bring to each relationship?
  •  What qualities does my counterpart bring to our relationship?
  •  What are my strengths and my weaknesses?
  •  What do you identify as the most important qualities for a successful relationship?
  •  What type of relationship are you looking for?
  •  What relationship are you most thankful for?
  •  What have you learned about how personal qualities impact a relationship?

In long-term relationships, periodically reflecting on these topics can be useful in setting goals
and evaluating areas for personal and relational improvement. Relationships take consistent
effort and work. Knowing this and your personal qualities as well as those of our counterpart
can help your relationship to continue to grow!

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