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How To Put A Stop To Bringing Work/School Home

We’ve all done it.
We leave work or class and that difficult part of the day pops in your mind, or maybe it’s something you wish you would have done, or maybe it’ s something you made a mistake on. It can be challenging for many of us to set aside work/school and solely focus on the other areas of our lives.  By allowing work/school to lapse into the other areas, we are not focusing on the task at hand and are not allowing ourselves to enjoy being in the moment.
There are several ways to put a stop to allowing work or school into your home:
First, try putting a stop to your thoughts at a designated point. I allow myself to think about work until I walk to my car.  As soon as I get to my car I associate that with the “stop” point and I force my mind to think about other things.  It’s helpful to turn on music or start thinking about dinner, etc.  After several times of practicing this, your mind associates the certain point or activity you chose, with thinking about something besides work/school.  This takes time, but in the long run it is very beneficial.
Maybe you’re a talker.  Sometimes having someone to talk to about your day is what helps settle you.  Try setting a time limit to the amount of time you talk about your day.  Start by venting for five minutes and then stop and move on to another topic. 
Finally, fill your time away from work/school with activities that will relieve stress and activities that recharge you.  Try setting activities outside of work/school that you will look forward to and can focus on.  Setting aside your work/school thoughts can reduce your stress and allow your mind and body to relax.
Trying any of these tips can help you put a stop to bringing work/school home!

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